LeBron, Disney and the Uighur Muslisms.

Last week Disney released its live action reboot of 90s classic Mulan, a tale of one person standing against prejudice and the tyranny of a ruthless, murderous Asian empire to save her friends and family. Ironically, Disney chose to film this inspirational film in the Xinjiang province of China, where the Chinese Communist Party manages concentration camps full of thousands of Uighur Muslims, an oppressed minority group struggling for rights in China. It has detained somewhere between one to three million Uighurs in its “re-education camps”, the largest internment of an ethnic minority since Adolf Hitler. At the camps, prisoners are subject to torture, forced labor, sexual abuse, brain washing and communist reprogramming.

Readers will remember that just a few months ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the company would potentially boycott filming in Georgia, a popular destination for Hollywood film crews, if the state went forward with strict anti-abortion legislation. The whole affair smacks with hypocrisy.

Disney is not alone in its kowtowing to the communists. A recent academic study found that all of Hollywood is complicit. The study shows that since 2012, when China began allowing some American movies to be screened within its borders, Hollywood has seen an 8% uptick in “very light skinned persons” in leading roles. This is significant because of colorism, or the preference of light skinned people in Chinese culture. A notable if not grotesque example of this is Disney’s decision to edit Finn, the black leading man in the new Star Wars Trilogy, out of its marketing in China. In addition to racism, Hollywood also defiles another of its own venerated creeds, allowing all references to homosexuality to be edited out of the films it exports to China. In 2020, it is expected that China will overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest consumer market for blockbuster movies.

Chinese influence doesn’t end at the megaplex doors, it seemingly pervades entertainment. At this point all owners of a smart phone or television set are well acquainted with the NBA, and its new impetus to carry the banner for Black Lives Matter. The ring leader is LeBron James, who allegedly called for an outright cancelation of the NBA season in the middle of the playoffs, so as to ensure that Joe the plumber in DesMoines doesn’t feel too “comfortable” with the state of affairs in America. James and the rest of the NBA continue to reap massive profits from its Chinese audience, all while remaining mum on the country’s commission of the most hideous systematic civil rights abuses the world has seen since the invention of the atom bomb.

Muhammad Ali is my hero. I wish I had been alive to see Dallas Cowboys Legend Tom Landry crusade with Billy Graham. The arts are one of the most important outlets for free expression and critique of the American system. I would never say that fame and fortune disqualify someone from advocating for a cause he or she believes in. What I am saying is that right now what America needs is a little less preaching from its inconsistent entertainers and that if your advocacy lacks consistency, it is just self promotion. The partisan strain on this country is out of control. We don’t need to be made more uncomfortable by the avenues we seek for escape. We need unity. Republican and Democrat, Christian and Muslim desperately need to be able to take an hour and forgot about that which divides us, and focus on our common passions. We need Michael Jordan’s overtime buzzer beater. We need Jimmy Stewart singing Auld Lange Syne. We need Walt Disney reminding us that there is still innocence and hope in this world. This partisan creep is bigger than abortion, bigger than Kenosha, bigger than all of it. If the pressure does not let up, if we do not appeal to Lincoln’s better angels, it may soon break the bonds of our affection.

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