All enemies foreign and domestic.

This week in Seattle, Washington a group of armed domestic terrorists who proclaim to be operating under the auspices of ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter movement seized control of a six block radius of the downtown area. After a prolonged conflict, the police ceded control of the area to the liberal activist group. The officers boarded up their precinct, but it wasn’t long before the insurgent force broke in and occupied it. The radicals have released a list of thirty demands that, until met, will be used as justification for the conquest and subordination of American soil. The demands are a liberal wishlist, including the dissolution of the police force and state police pension fund, free college, rent control, restoration of the franchise to the incarcerated and increased funding for the arts.

Their kindreds in cancel culture have been claiming pelts nationwide in the marketplace and realm of public opinion. After decades on air, COPS has been canceled along with Live PD. Today a statue of Christopher Columbus was toppled to much applause. Family favorite Cracker Barrel is under fire because it allegedly “feels racist.” Perhaps most alarmingly, American classic Gone With the Wind has been pulled from HBOMax until it can be “reframed.” Folks, we find ourselves in the midst of a long brewing war for our culture.

This isn’t about George Floyd. This is not about race, for the radical fringe. This national crisis for them is merely a vehicle to accomplish their political aims, many of which have nothing to do with race or the plights of many black Americans. These professional malcontents are the ideological heirs of Lenin and Robespierre. They are the radicals, and in times of political tumult and upheaval, they crawl out of their holes to manipulate and poison governments everywhere.

Much about them can be learned by examining history. These times are reminiscent of the latter days of the French Revolution, better known as The Reign of Terror. At the beginning of the terror, the French General Assembly installed a provisional government ironically called the Committee of Public Safety. The committee quickly passed the infamous Law of Suspects. Under this order neighbor turned on neighbor, as suspicion and fear gripped the nation. An estimated 500,000 French citizens were hauled before tribunals and incarcerated for disloyalty and subversion against the radical government. Many were guilty of nothing more than practicing Christianity, which was expelled from France. As many as 40,000 were put to death by guillotine, including ultimately Maximilian Robespierre, the man who started the movement. The outrage machine got so out of control it began to eat itself.

In a revolutionary epoch, no one is safe for long. A state exists in which even the most ardent radical must constantly prove his commitment to the cause, lest he fall under suspicion. No one is really in power as the nation is ruled by fear. Eventually the malcontents run out of boogie men to pin the nation’s problems upon.

Obviously, we aren’t there yet. But when statues are toppling, and major cities are bowing to provisional governments with ransom lists, is it absurd to think we might be close? This is not the American way. Our way is change through a free public discourse and innovation through the free marketplace of ideas. We don’t bow to enemies of our constitution, foreign or domestic. Things are spiraling in this country. It’s time to take a step back and evaluate the direction in which we are headed.

In the Christopher Nolan classic The Dark Knight Rises, there is a scene that has always struck me as too deep and meaningful for a movie about Batman. Anne Hathaway, portraying Catwoman, has an aside with a friend who was also a believer in the “revolution” that takes place on screen in blighted Gotham City. Alone together in a ransacked mansion, Hathaway stops and looks at a shattered family photograph littering the floor. “This used to be somebody’s home.” She remarks. “Now it’s everyone’s home,” eerily answers the radical.

2 thoughts on “All enemies foreign and domestic.

  1. I, for one, though I doubt I am far from alone, am scared – really, really scared. Scared for my country, my children and my grandchildren. This has and continues to get – be allowed – waaay out of control with almost zero push back from the so-called powers that be. It seems that the fear of being tarred as racist or whatever has sent people cowering into corners while the maniacs run rampant in the streets. Where is the push back?? And I mean real, powerful pushback on all this insanity? If we don’t don’t stop it and I mean now dead in it’s tracks, then we don’t deserve this country. And may God have mercy on us all.


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