On Soleimani

Late Thursday evening Iranian general Qasem Soleimani had a rendezvous with destiny. The shadowy figure had been of interest to the United States for decades. As the director of Iran’s covert operations, namely funding and fostering terrorism, he had quietly become one of the greatest threats to our national security. He used to travel in secret, rarely leaving Iran for fear of assassination. In recent years he’s openly traveled abroad, reportedly bragging to friends that the United States knows where he is at all times, but lacks the guts to pull the trigger. If that rumor is true, I’m sure he was duly surprised then when he heard the whistling missile of a Reaper drone charging toward the tarmac where he stood.

Takes on the assassination of Soleimani have spanned the entire spectrum. Some have called it a bold move long overdue, zealously endorsing what they view as decisive action from the president. However, the takes from those opposed to the attack have abounded. I can scarcely remember seeing anything like the manic hysteria displayed on social media in the aftermath. The usual parade of blue check mark hand wringing ensued. Author Rose McGown plead with Iranian leadership not to hold the country accountable for the actions of our own “terrorist regime” in the White House. Michael Moore also reached out to the Ayatollah with a similar message. Thousands of memes popped up overnight about “WWIII” (this is laughable when Iran’s minuscule military is considered).

The most voracious check marked dissident to speak out was the tried and true favorite foil of the right, Colin Kaepernick. Kap, who at this point is a glorified flag burner, contended that “there is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the advancement of American imperialism.”

These people care so much what others think of them. They care so much how the world views them, or how it views America. They will grovel like a dog for forgiveness before someone who would slit their throats with a smile on his face. Ayatollah Khamenei is an animal. Soleimani was an animal. As Winston Churchill once said of Hitler, “You cannot reason with a tiger while your head is in it’s mouth.”

These promulgators of peace at any price have one core belief in common, one that is the central lie of liberalism and big government. It is this, that you are not smart enough to figure things out for yourself. That “they” in the faraway Washington corridors know better They would have you believe that due to the idiosyncrasies of foreign affairs and state craft, Donald Trump, much less average Joe, is incapable of making the right decision. Your opinion is invalid. Shut up and listen to the so called experts who got us into two protracted wars in the Middle East already.

I would differ with them on this issue. I think the truth of this matter is a universal one, one that we all learned way back on the playground. The bully will take you as far as you let him. Again to quote Churchill , these people only understand one language – raw force.

This entire episode is reminiscent of the showdown between Ronald Reagan and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In the mid-eighties Gaddafi’s goons blew up a night club in Berlin, injuring hundreds and killing a Marine. Reagan retaliated swiftly, dropping sixty tons of explosives on targets across Libya, including Gaddafi’s own home. The usual suspects hit him with the same barrage they’re hitting Trump with today. Maniac, bloodthirsty, senile etc. Gaddafi targeted us with terror attacks, and Reagan blew his house up the next day, killing a member of his family. There was no war. Gaddafi was an American lapdog for the next twenty-five years until, in her infinite wisdom, Secretary Clinton organized his ouster.

Soleimani, a name none of us knew last week but now will never forget, was indisputably a bad guy. He may have been a high ranking member of a foreign military, but that’s just a mask. He was a terrorist, and a bad one at that. The world is better off when America reminds the bad guys of their place from time to time. The world is better off without Soleimani.

5 thoughts on “On Soleimani

  1. you, as POTUS, receive actionable – accurate – trusted…. intelligence on the exact/soon to be-exact – location of a KEY– numer#1 target who conducted numerous international acts of terror against your countrymen & her interests & allies….. he was director of state sponsored terrorist organizations…… and you understand his meeting outside his country’s boarders is to coordinate a significant act of terror against America-Americans ….. you’d be derelict in your duty to defend your countrymen and your country if you didn’t take all appropriate & immediate action…
    don’t “bomb” another aspirin factory…. put steel on this puke’s gps location

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  2. Soleimani was NOT assassinated. Just like Yammamoto was not assassinated. Both were legal killings of enemy combatants. In neither case did the US ask the permission of the country where the enemy was terminated.


  3. I have still not heard anyone answer as to why he was in Iraq, and why Iraq let him in.

    But of course the answers are obvious and why we off the guy. Defensive – –
    I’d suggest Iraqi officials been doin’ some ‘splainin’ lately too.


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