Why the left keeps losing


Last weekend I met a man with a rare hobby, particularly in this part of the country; he brews his own beer. I was taken a bit aback. He didn’t have a beard, or a flannel shirt. He wasn’t quoting Henry David Thoreau, and to my knowledge he has never attended Bonaroo. By all accounts he was an average Joe. Logically, I asked him what lead him to pick up brewing. What he told me caused me at first to double over with laughter, and later some somber reflection. He took up brewing because he had some heart problems, and his doctor recommended a little bit of alcohol would help his condition. He couldn’t purchase it in a store, or drink it in public, for fear of being excommunicated from his church. So off he went to the Rural King, with $200 and his 700 Club Membership card in tow.

Modern liberals are a lot like the Baptist brewing in his basement. Deep down, when the lights are off and they stare at the ceiling, the average Democrat doesn’t believe half of the lunacy coming out of Washington, or worse yet Hollywood. But heaven help them should their peers find out how much they miss the old Civil War themed Dixie Stampede, or that they think there is something to traditional gender roles, or (gasp) that Donald Trump shouldn’t suffer a slow, violent and public death.

The left has out-kicked its proverbial coverage. If you hate Donald Trump, blame Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and the prognosticators of political correctness. Republicans are not winning. Yearly I grow more frustrated with gutlessness and a lack of leadership within the GOP. The Left just keeps losing. Continually, they’re acting so outrageously that they’ve managed to make Donald Trump look like the adult in the room. The P***y Hat parades mobilize middle America for Trump in a way that no Republican who has ever lived could.

Historically, Republicans have championed ideologues: Reagan, Coolidge, Goldwater come to mind. Democrats have not. The Democrat Party has had decades of success in slowly and incrementally introducing its agenda, and earning its victories one inch at a time. Consider that six years ago neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton publicly supported federal gay marriage, but rather civil unions. The DNC used to have its finger on the pulse of middle America, and possessed a modicum of discernment as to the national mood on social issues. Now they want to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, better known as ICE. This is pure lunacy, not an incremental moderate liberalization of our immigration system. They’ve gone over the edge, and are locked in a radical race to the bottom, with a complicit press and entertainment industry (is there a difference anymore?) shopping their wares for them.

Bill Clinton, Jack Kennedy, and even Barack Obama won because on the campaign trail they flanked the Republicans to the left, providing policy alternatives that appeared more compassionate and optimistic than the sometimes harsh fiscally conservative plans of Republicans. Those days are over. Today’s Democrats have gone entirely off the plantation. In rhetoric and policy they aren’t even in the same zip code as the majority party. They aren’t offering a more liberal alternative, they’re offering a coup d’etat. For this reason they will continue to lose, regardless of inaction from the congress, or tweets from the President.

A successful political leader and candidate taps into a strong existing sentiment held by his/her constituents and gives voice to it. A failed leader or candidate is one who tries to dictate to his constituents what they should think. He tells them that hundreds of years of precedent in the Senate and courts no longer apply. He tells them that all of a sudden a boy can be a girl, a girl can be a boy, and whoever might disagree has been a bigot all along. He tells them that a man accused of sexual assault is a man guilty of sexual assault, and to disagree is insensitive and sexist. He explains these things not with measure and clarity, but with hysteria and vitriol. The DNC has ceased to provide hope and opportunity to the downtrodden, and begun to feed envy and hate in the disgruntled. As long as this is the case, there will never be a blue wave.

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