You’ve got the wrong man: Kavanaugh in a broader context



Last weekend the #17 Kentucky Wildcats beat the #23 Mississippi St. Bulldogs by three touchdowns. It was a solid win for a historically perturbed program. Kentucky fans responded by clearing the stands and rushing the field. Seriously? It was an argument I often found myself caught in during my time in the Farragut High School student section. When you rush the field after beating a second rate team, it makes you look petty, and cheapens the experience when your team does pull off a historic win.

Democrats have spent the better part of four years crying wolf. Every healthcare bill, tax bill, and now nominee elicits the same token line, “everyone is going to die.” Sen. Gillibrand actually had the gaul to say that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, people will die. Obamacare has been gutted, and the Trump tax cuts are in full effect. Maybe Politifact can help us find the body count?

The GOP has more flaws than one blog post can address. Both parties share parts of the blame for where we are as a nation politically, but the left has just taken it a bridge too far this time. The rhetoric it has adopted will kill people. It almost killed Steve Scalise. Liberalism has typically been defined by high ideals and bright eyed dreamers. Today’s Democrat Party is fueled by jealousy and hatred.

People like Senator Corey Booker fancy themselves modern reformers in the mold of MLK, Susan B. Anthony and Thomas Jefferson, true American heroes. I’m sure we’ve all heard stories about MLK and Ralph Abernathy organizing mobs to run their opponents out of restaurants, right? Today’s left has far more in common with Elijah Muhammad than MLK. The differences couldn’t be more stark. King, Jefferson and Anthony were leaders who were known for their vision, poise and irreproachable integrity. History’s great resistance movements are not defined by chaos and fear mongering. They have cool moral centers built on a bedrock of truth, not the shifting sands of hateful identity politics. Mr. Booker, you’re no Martin Luther King.

Over the past two weeks one of the nation’s most qualified jurists has been subjected to a character assassination of monumental proportions. Dr. Ford may be an honest woman, and even some man’s victim. She deserves to be heard out. But no one can provide anything, outside Dr. Ford’s personal testimony, to insinuate that she was sexually abused by Brett Kavanaugh. The four individuals Dr. Ford claims were present for the attack have at best claimed they have no memory of the event, and at worst claimed that it never happened. She cannot specify on what day it happened, how she arrived there, or how she got home. The details aren’t fuzzy, they’re non-existant. I’m not out to assassinate her character, but to illustrate how ridiculous and unfounded these claims are. This is America. The burden of proof, from the courts of law to the elementary school principle’s offices, is on the accuser. There is no proof.

Not much excites me anymore, politically speaking. I’m sad to admit that after just one year behind the curtain of big time politics, this former doe eyed idealist is now something of a suspicious cynic. While my boss and coworkers will probably refer to me as The Cub for the rest of time, I learned quickly that politics isn’t all that they tell you it is on FOX News. When I hear an impassioned speech from the senate floor, I assume said senator just got some new polling back and is setting him/herself up for a great fundraising email to end the quarter. It’s a dirty business with little to truly be excited about. Today, Brett Kavanaugh excited me to the point that I was yelling at my television, because it wasn’t just this confirmation at stake.

Kavanaugh has become the straw man for frustrated liberals everywhere. To them, he represents the patriarchy, Donald Trump and the pro-life agenda. But they’ve got the wrong man. After hours of combing through his sexual past, drinking habits and high school yearbook, any reasonable bystander should be convinced that he is both a decent man, and a qualified justice.

Kavanaugh’s testimony today was so much bigger than the already imminently important swing vote in the Supreme Court. If he fails, it sets the standard that any man at any level can be destroyed by mere conjecture from a woman he never engaged in any form of sexual activity with. More importantly, as the democrats well know, for the first time in fifty plus years, Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance. That’s what this is all about., and it’s why Gorsuch didn’t face these allegations. Kavanaugh will swing the court. If he is confirmed, it will be within our power to end decades of silent genocide, and stop the body count at a horrifying sixty million unborn children.

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