Mueller, Media and the Russian Shell Game



The shell game: most can remember seeing it as a child on Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry. The con man appears to hide a marble under one of three shells. He then shifts the shells around lightening fast, and his victim must guess under which shell the marble lies. Unbeknownst to the dupe, the game is rigged all along. The con man slid the marble up his sleeve. It is diversion, the classic sleight of hand trick.

Tuesday evening two one time members of president Trump’s inner circle were convicted of various financial crimes. Investigations into both of these individuals were opened at the behest of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Both men are seemingly guilty as charged, and deserve to be punished for most of what they were found guilty of. And at the same time, they are the victims of and collateral damage in an entirely bogus kamikaze mission to destroy Donald J. Trump. Let me be clear, because I do not expect that the media will be; none of Tuesday’s convictions were in any way related to collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In August 1994, President Bill Clinton allowed the appointment of Special Counsel Ken Starr to investigate he and his wife’s shady land deals. This came to be known as “Whitewater.” No charges were ever brought against the Clintons related to Whitewater, but four years later, Starr released his report to congress, alleging eleven separate impeachable crimes centering around an extramarital affair with one Monica Lewinsky. The investigation began with a shady land deal, and ended with Clinton impeached for lying about a White House hookup. Once a special prosecutor is appointed, he will not stop until he gets his man, one way or the other. It was wrong then, and its wrong now.

Robert Mueller and the complicit media, on both sides, are running a shell game against the people of the United States. Mueller is using the financial crimes of Trump’s associates to gain leverage, and an air of legitimacy for his campaign against POTUS. Were Paul Manafort anyone other than a former Trump confidant, this case would’ve been turned over to the IRS to handle. It had absolutely nothing to do with his time as Trump’s campaign manager. The cases are entirely outside the scope of the Trump Russia investigation. They’re nothing more than everyday cases of a few rich guys cheating on their taxes.

For most of our nations history, the media has been the “fourth estate,” or the peoples’ watchdog. I fear that those days are largely over. Medias purpose was once to convey truth to the people, and present it with as little bias as possible. Now the purposes of media both on the right and on the left are to sell tickets. The best ways to raise ratings are to monger fear, and ferment anger. Good news is boring. For that reason, media have spent the last 20 months focusing predominantly on unsubstantiated claims about collusion between President Trump and shadowy Russian boogeymen, who still remain unspecified. There is no solid evidence of such collusion, yet nightly it dominates the airwaves on CNN, NBC and ABC. FOX covers it just as heavily, because its viewers are even more terrified of where the investigation may lead than those on the left. We are being played.

In the past twenty months, we’ve made remarkable progress in regulatory reform, tax reform, GDP growth, judicial appointments and seen significant changes in our foreign policy. We face massive challenges in international trade, our failing education system, a skyrocketing deficit, and a fundamentally broken healthcare system. Many of these things aren’t being discussed by the talking heads. None are discussed so thoroughly or so frequently as the Mueller investigation.

This isn’t news, its a soap opera. It’s E-News political. It’s the Kardashians. Now is the time to send a message to the media conglomerates. If we are ever to have unity again as a nation, we must begin to dig deeper, read more, and fact check. Democracy is mankind’s greatest invention, and it must be carefully protected. Its success hinges entirely on an informed electorate. We must not take the seriousness of these times lightly.

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