Caught in a Vlad Romance: the story of Trump and Russia


A real and undoctored photograph of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Much has been made of the relationship between members of President Trump’s campaign team and the Russian ambassador to the United States since it was confirmed by the CIA that the Russian government was behind a series of leaks about Trump’s election opponent. Allegations of foul play and scandal are being tossed about by media networks left and right. Four star general Michael Flynn was asked to resign from his post as the National Security Advisor because he misled the Vice President about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Senior White House Counsel Jared Kushner met with the ambassador in Trump Tower just after the election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being accused of perjuring himself after claiming he had no contact with Russian officials in his capacity as a surrogate for Donald Trump. Tensions reached a head today, as President Trump tweeted that he obtained knowledge that prior to the election President Obama ordered his phone lines tapped. At this point, any reasonable person has got to be wondering what in the world is going on here.

In order to understand the story of Trump and Russia, one must first know the story of a Russian-American who lived and died many years before anyone outside of Queens knew who Donald J. Trump was. His name was Saul Alinsky, and he is the most influential historical figure you’ve never heard of. Alinsky, a Chicago native, spent his young adult life as a loose associate of the mafia. As a member of the communist party, he was a natural fit as a liaison between the unions and his mentor, Capone gang member Frank Nitty. But Alinsky knew he was destined for greater things than union work. In the 1960s Alinsky invented what has come to be known as community organizing. Alinsky wrote the hand book for organizing, and titled it Rules for Radicals: a Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.

The book, which opens with a dedication to Lucifer, “the first great radical”, consists of 12 strategies to be employed by an active, militaristic minority in order to shame, silence, and over throw a majority. The rules that are important for this story are:

2. Never go outside the expertise of your people.

5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

8. Keep the pressure on, never let up.

10. If you push a negative hard enough, it can become a positive.

12. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. People hurt faster than institutions.

Unfortunately, Alinsky’s book became quite popular. So popular that it is still the handbook for community organizers in every major city, especially his native Chicago. Thirteen years ago, a young community organizer from Chicago decided to run for senate. After only two years as a senator, the young radical decided to make a run for the Presidency. Obama won the office, and employed Alinsky’s tactics almost daily throughout his divisive presidency.

Many years before Obama was born, a young Chicago republican was brought to Alinsky by her minister to be converted to the democrat party. Alinsky was successful, and went on to become a mentor to the radical young girl. She even went on to write her doctoral thesis on him at Yale. Young Hillary Rodham grew up to become Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States, and Democrat Party nominee for President.

It is necessary to understand the influence Alinsky has over the modern progressive democrat party to understand what exactly is going on with the Trump/Russia relationship. The DNC is in utter shambles. They have lost the presidency, both houses of congress, a majority of state legislatures, and a majority of governorships. Obama’s only legacy is a nation so fed up with far left governing that it elected Donald Trump just because he’s something different. They are intellectually bankrupt, and devoid of leadership. They have nothing left to sell the American people. So instead, they attack.

The Wikileaks were devastatingly embarrassing for Hillary Clinton. But to her credit, she quickly moved to Alinsky rule number 10. No one is talking about the shameful and quasi criminal behavior revealed in her emails. The one time negative has become her party’s greatest strength, as democrat leaders and their puppets in the media have shifted public focus to the leak’s source, and its purported relationship to Donald Trump.

The largest allegation looming is that Jeff Sessions lied to congress about having contact with the Russian ambassador. It is true, Sessions met with the ambassador in his office last September. Sessions then told congress he had not been in communication with the Russians within the context of his role as a member of the Trump team. Sessions was chair of the senate armed services committee. He meets with ambassadors on an almost weekly basis. There is nothing remotely suspicious about a member of the senate foreign relations committee having a meeting with any foreign diplomat. That does not qualify as “communicating with the Russians” in regard to his role as a Trump supporter. Nor is it unusual that Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, or any Trump ally met with the ambassador. They all met with many ambassadors. That’s typically what one does when he is getting ready to begin running the world’s most powerful country. He meets with the leaders of other extremely powerful nations.

What is suspicious is that in 2010 the United States government sold twenty percent of its uranium supply to Uranium One, a company owned by powerful Russian oligarchs. Interestingly enough, Uranium One gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Even more interesting is that the sale had to be signed off on by the Secretary of State, none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Equally suspicious, and equally omitted from the discourse by media, was the meeting between Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on a private jet days before the Lynch Justice Department announced its decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Where were the calls for Lynch to recuse herself? Where were the allegations of foul play? How can our media expect to remain trustworthy when their application of a double standard remains so blatant?

All of the aforementioned anecdotes and facts are important, but they don’t tell one anything that simple logic cannot. When looked at from a broad perspective, the Trump is a Russian puppet argument is a straw man constructed by a party desperate to discuss anything but the issues. Last week, Jeff Sessions was a racist, nazi, nationalist. This week, he is a Russian sympathizer? He is from Alabama for crying out loud, and is one of the most respected patriots in the senate. This is a baseless smear campaign, and it is not a coincidence that the story worked its way into the media two days after Trump’s popular address to the joint session of congress.

The democrats have successfully made sinister something that is innocuous. They have, with the help of the media, convinced much of the nation that interaction with Russia by the Trump camp is proof of wrongdoing. He is the president, he must acknowledge the existence of the worlds third largest superpower. The DNC, using Alinsky’s rules, has taken its biggest blunder and embarrassment perhaps in decades, and hung it around the necks of Republicans.Trump is dammed if he does, and dammed if he doesn’t. Meanwhile, the emails, their contents, and the policy failures of the last eight years fade silently into the background.

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