For those who don’t understand…

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As the smoke of the forest fires clears and rises above the Smokey Mountains, so too does the fog of a hard fought election season. I walked outside this morning to breathe in the first clean morning air of the week, and I couldn’t help but revel in the symbolism. It is morning in America again.

Understandably, many Americans are incredibly distraught. I would be too, if my source of information, and my reference point for understanding what happened last night was the falsity being dispelled by CNN and NBC. It has been called a racist movement of the ignorant masses, populism, homophobia, xenophobia, and my personal favorite, a “whitelash”. I have seen respected friends and colleagues despairing, captivated by the fear of this “racist movement.”  These people, the establishment, will do anything and everything they can to hide the truth about what happened last night, and more importantly why it happened. Last night was a national referendum on the state of American leadership, politics, and culture.

For the first time since the 1920’s, Republicans have control of both houses of congress, and the presidency. The GOP also enjoys a large majority of governorships and state legislatures. For the first time since the Reagan era, a Republican candidate swept the rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. These states were captured due to the categorical rejection of liberal tax and spend economics by the electorate. Despite what CNN pundits may believe, voters are not stupid. They can do simple math. Under Barack Obama and establishment Republican George Bush, the manufacturing jobs that kept these states afloat have fled to China and Mexico. Under Obama, they saw the national deficit increase by 12 trillion dollars and 230 percent. They saw an arrogant, ineffective government take control of their healthcare, their economy, and their money, while they received next to nothing in return. Obama’s cooked jobs reports mean nothing to the thousands of blue collar workers who remain unemployed or underemployed.

In many respects, this was Brexit-West. It was a referendum on nationhood. Media classify Trump’s rhetoric on Mexicans, Immigrants, China, and Islam as bigotry. That is not how his supporters see it. Trumpists look at Germany, or the U.K., and see the state they are in after the massive influx of refugees. They are facing an extreme risk of not only losing their safety, but also their age old cultures. Secretary Clinton vowed to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees. Wikileaks revealed that privately, she supports an open border with Mexico. Trumpists don’t hate Arabs or Mexicans, they just love America. They don’t want to see their culture conquered. The spectacle of hordes of Hispanics charging Trump rallies waving Mexican flags this summer in California almost certainly spurred the disenfranchised American to the polls. An immigrant who prizes his own country ahead of the one he immigrates to is not an immigrant, he is an invader. Trump had the courage to say what no one else would say. He said to the white man in Pennsylvania, if you’re just a plain old, Joe Schmo, white straight American with no hyphenations, there’s nothing wrong with that. He promised to protect our culture above all others.

A culture of politically correct deference has gripped the elites in this country. They have pushed this philosophy down the throats of the American people for years now. The elites have become obsessed with race, gender, and sexuality. Their mistake was in assuming that everyday Americans share this ideology.They don’t understand, the majority of Trump supporters aren’t racist, sexist, or xenophobic. They’re a group of all races, classes, and genders, who fundamentally reject that those social strata still matter in this country. In the words of Dr. King, they “don’t judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.”  While elites were awarding Caitlin Jenner awards for courage, Trumpists were focused on the courage of our soldiers abroad. While elites were inventing new pronouns and ways to be offended, Trumpists were looking for ways to keep food on the table for their families. This is not a group of racists, it’s a diverse group of people who are tired of being condescended to, and are far more focused on the concrete needs facing their families, than the abstract “divisions” among us that elites have focused on for a decade.

Above all else, Trumpists are a group of people who are tired of being lied to. For 20 years, they have elected Republicans who have promised balanced budgets, secure borders, and more jobs. These milquetoast leaders have under delivered on every promise, and sold their constituents up the river to remain respected in their circles of elites, or have been too afraid of the media to stand up and fight for what they promised. For eight years, they have suffered a prolific liar and divider in the oval office. Obama promised them, if you like your healthcare plan, you will keep your healthcare plan. Every time a back youth died at the hands of a white police officer, or even a Hispanic neighborhood watchman (George Zimmerman), Obama swooped in and sold his narrative before he even knew what happened. Secretary Clinton, plagued with scandal and lies since the moment she burst onto the scene 30 years ago, lead no one to believe that she would be any different. This election was not about man v. woman, White v. Hispanic, or even Republican v. Democrat. A beligerent, lied to, downtrodden and forgotten group of people rose up. The silent majority seized the microphone. They elected a man, in spite of his flaws, both personal and ideological, who they believe will finally, actually be their voice. When elites in both parties failed to do so, the silent majority found a man who they believe will truly represent them.

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