The Kentucky Kiss of Death

Football fans were greeted this morning with an autumn chill that crept in overnight. Perhaps it rode into town with our conference rivals from up north. It seems even Mother Nature knows that regardless of restructured COVID-19 schedules, it's just not Tennessee v. Kentucky without a little fall weather. No Tennessee coach has long survived … Continue reading The Kentucky Kiss of Death

Happy Warriors

Last night amid the typical venom and vitriol circulating on political twitter, a tweet from Congressman Thomas Massey stuck out among the angry clamor. Massey posted a photo of himself smiling ear to ear in front of the Capitol, with the hashtag “#HappyWarrior.” Especially interesting, the mantra now taken on by ultraconservative Massey was first … Continue reading Happy Warriors

It’s abortion, stupid

The venerated Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed from this earth Friday evening, igniting what may be the most ferocious political battle of our time. Democrats and Republicans are staking out their positions and digging in, preparing for a pre-election onslaught that may overshadow November's contest both in terms of spectacle and significance. But what makes … Continue reading It’s abortion, stupid

LeBron, Disney and the Uighur Muslisms.

Last week Disney released its live action reboot of 90s classic Mulan, a tale of one person standing against prejudice and the tyranny of a ruthless, murderous Asian empire to save her friends and family. Ironically, Disney chose to film this inspirational film in the Xinjiang province of China, where the Chinese Communist Party manages … Continue reading LeBron, Disney and the Uighur Muslisms.