Why the Mask Mandate Offends so Many

We sell you your insurance. We unclog your drains. We sit next to you at church. We keep quiet on the company zoom call. We are white. We are black. Our collars are blue, and our collars are white. We are the great silent majority, and we have had enough. In the immortal words of … Continue reading Why the Mask Mandate Offends so Many

All enemies foreign and domestic.

This week in Seattle, Washington a group of armed domestic terrorists who proclaim to be operating under the auspices of ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter movement seized control of a six block radius of the downtown area. After a prolonged conflict, the police ceded control of the area to the liberal activist group. The … Continue reading All enemies foreign and domestic.

An untenable course: the world’s response to coronavirus.

  Social media are ablaze this weekend with the criticisms and speculations of Monday morning quarterbacks. Now that the situation is seemingly under control in East Tennessee, and some of the panic has subsided, the critiques begin. The last thing I would ever do is criticize someone who had the timeless misfortune of finding him … Continue reading An untenable course: the world’s response to coronavirus.

Friends after six

"Hello Tip, is it after six o'clock?" the unmistakable voice of president Ronald Reagan sounded through the phone when democrat House Speaker Thomas J. "Tip" O'Neil answered. The joke was a recurring one throughout the course of their warm friendship and sometimes tumultuous professional relationship. Upon Reagan's arrival in Washington, the Speaker informed him that … Continue reading Friends after six